Frog Fortunes Slots

Real Time Gaming’s Frog Fortunes features a gorgeous depiction of mystery-bound, beautiful wild jungle at dusk. The theme involves more than a simple journey through the forest. At the base of the main screen is an ancient pedestal made of solid metal with exquisite carvings and a massive statue of a frog made of solid gold. The podium is surrounded by a neatly shaped circular stream of water pouring out of two stone faces. As impressive as that particular detail of the main screen is, there is much more to it. The landscape formed by the tall, liana-covered trees, the lush vegetation, which is so beautifully detailed and dense that not an inch of the ground is visible, and most importantly – the hazy horizon, which gradually consumes the forest’s borders, create a dream-like atmosphere that is as calming as it is unnerving. The symbols on the reels are also unique. The theme-related ones are all metal faces of animal figures, animated to perform very fluid motions, displaying some variation of a smile or laughter. Players will not be sure whether to laugh or be slightly creeped out by these awkward animal faces, but either way, they will be just another reason for them to remember Frog Fortunes.

Profitable Explosions and Cascading Symbols in the Mysterious Jungle

The game’s set-up involves five reels with three symbol slots in each of them. Their arrangement is in a slightly weird snake-like patent, but then again, there is something intriguingly off about every visual element in this game. The biggest possible bet can reach 150 dollars. Winning combinations can form up on 243 pay lines. The gameplay additionally involves a small but rewarding paytable. Furthermore, players will significantly profit from the presence of both exploding symbols and cascading reels. Just like in a Tetris game, adjacent matching symbols will explode, grant the payout of the winning combination they have formed, and disappear so that new symbols fall in their place. The game’s biggest possible payout after a single spin is 50 000 times the bet.

The Big Prizes of the Grinning Frogs Will Put Smiles on Players’ Faces Too

Frog Fortunes has eight symbols delivering fixed payouts with three combinations each - 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols. Four of them are faces, and the other four are precious stones in various shapes and colors. The most profitable symbol is the purple-gold face with a beak and features spikes around its periphery, making it look like a strangely colored sun. Its prizes are 10, 30, and 150 credits. The delighted plump red face offers 5, 15, and 80 credits. The green, snake-like face with its purple tongue sticking out brings 5, 10, and 40 credits. The laughing golden face awards the same prizes as the snake. The teal diamond and the emerald gem grant 2, 5, and 15 credits. The pink and the ruby stone both deliver 1, 2, and 5 credits.

Enjoy Massive Payouts Through a Sequence of Symbol Explosions

The main special bonus symbol of the game is the Exploding one. When it makes an appearance on the reels, it will explode in a specific pattern. There are eight possible patterns, and two of them have two variations each. Once the explosion occurs, a randomly selected symbol will fill all the empty slots creating new combinations. If a prize is awarded following the explosions (and it will likely be), Cascading Reels will begin, and the feature will essentially continue the process. A new symbol will fall to fill the empty slots, potential combinations will be formed, and awards will be granted, and the process will continue until no new prizes are delivered.